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Alex Schein has operated SkyHunter Media since 2009.  The independent company aims to provide creative

digital media content for artists, non-profit organizations, academic institutions, and socially conscious businesses. 


Recent clients have included The African American Policy Forum (#Black Girls Matter Campaign),

Swarthmore College (Imagine Diversity Project), WHYY (Philadelphia), and The Laura Flanders Show (GritTV).


Past clients include: Maimouna Youssef (Grammy Nominated Recording Artist), The Common Fire Foundation,

Witnify, Frack ActionDobrá TeaSchool of Media Studies at The New School, and World Trust Educational Services.

Schein’s original inspiration for SkyHunter Media came from his work for The Common Fire Foundation, which hired him in 2008 to produce a short documentary about the organization’s cooperative and sustainable living spaces for activists. The film featured co-founders Jeff Golden & Kavitha Rao as well as organizers Adrienne Maree Brown, Julia “Butterfly” Hill, and spoken word multimedia artists Climbing Poetree. 

Alex Schein is currently the Director of Digital Communications for the School of Arts & Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania

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